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good cause eviction in rochester ny

April 2024 - NYS passed Good Cause Eviction law, it affected NYC and every other municipality (city/village/town) can OPT IN, but does not take affect by default.

Rochester Law - Rochester City Council introduced a local version of the bill that mirrors the state bill. It has NOT came to a vote yet, but will in the coming months.

WHAT WE ARE DOING - RHC Leadership is actively involved with meetings with the city & city council to discuss the adverse affects of this bill on the renters of our city


AUTO-RENEW: All leases auto-renew and owners can not terminate a lease without a cause. Owners can not issue a 90 day termination notice to a tenant, all evictions must happen via non-payment or objectionable tenancy and owners must prove the tenant is in considerable violation of the lease

RENT CONTROL: Rents are stabilized and rent raises per year are capped to a percentage of CPI. (max raise is between 3-10% depending on CPI)

More details can be found here.

WHAT YOU CAN DO - show up to speak to council (info to follow in emails) and let council members know how this law will adversely affect the tenants you rent to (details to come in following emails)

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