There is a need for more quality low income housing.


  1. Local owners are more connected to their tenants and properties, take better care of them, and spend their money locally.

  2. Low income housing is a viable business model and owners want to provide this housing, but the 2019 TPA has made low income housing less viable for small local owners who take good care of the properties and tenants.

  3. Rent control and so called good cause eviction will increase the cost and burden to housing providers, forcing them to assume lower risk tenants, reducing housing opportunities for low income tenants.

  4. Small owners, who are the primary providers of low income housing, are transitioning out of low income housing due to the increased costs, resulting in more gentrification & negligent owners.

  5. There is further wealth extraction, increasing rents & fewer quality low income rentals as a result of local Housing Providers transitioning out of low income housing.


  1. Partner with owners by offering renovation grants to owners (between $5,000 - $10,000) who rent at affordable rates & have current C of O's.

  2. Petition lawmakers to increase Section 8 funding so it can provide more vouchers.

  3. Utilize existing code enforcement mechanisms to address negligence from owners instead of additional regulation.